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Two computers - one set of secreens etc. Ideas?

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Carol Haynes:
Looking at KVM switches they seem near what I am looking for.

However, every one I have looked at only has a single monitor. Does anybody know of any with dual display capabilities or do I have to buy a KVM for each display.

Also I have noticed that all the KVMs I have seen seem to use VGA connectors - are there any true DVI versions?

And ideally I would like both PS2 and USB keyboard/mouse connectors to be available - most KVMs seen to only have either/or.

do a google search on multimonitor KVM.

they're available. we have them where i work  but they're also expensive. be sure to check for what connections you need.  most are for VGA monitor connectons and cards. but dual-DVI setups are also available.

if you can afford something like that can i be your friend?  :) 

Stoic Joker:
Why not use Remote Desktop? I use it daily to manage several servers scattered all over town.
-Stoic Joker (May 10, 2010, 01:56 PM)
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Me too. But it's more viable using it to administrate a server than it is to work alternately on two or more 'desktop' machines.

IMHO a hardware KVM solution is still the best bet. Especially if you're running heavy graphics or media apps. I'd hate to try and edit video or do music composition over an Ethernet link.-40hz (May 10, 2010, 02:13 PM)
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Video I'll give you ('cause the frame rate just ain't there) But I quite frequently work with MSVS on UI design via RDP across town with no ill effects. Run across a LAN (depending on connection configuration) it's real hard to tell you're not on LM. It really depends on what Carol is doing, and with which OS (for dual monitor and peripheral support) - KVM has always struck me as being pricy & a bit antiquated.

Carol Haynes:
Thanks Gwen -  I see what you mean. Though I did find a dual head DVI/USB2 KVM for £179 (inc. taxes and delivery) which didn't seem excessive. I suppose if I wanted to spend that much I am more tempted to buy another 22" monitor ;)

Actually Remote Desktop (or similar) may not be impossible. I am thinking of building a Windows 2008 server box with a spare PC and so RD would probably work quite well for that - and have the advantage of being free.

When using desktop equipment (rather than specially designed rack systems) how do you get around the lack of keyboard and monitor when you boot it up or restart it? Most BIOSes I have seen don't like starting up without a keyboard and how does RD take over keyboard functions when there is no keyboard to take over?


good quality KVM boxes have microprocessors and provide full and full-time hardware emulation so it's not an issue with those. it's also why they cost more.

remote desktop is all you'll need for use with a server. don't waste money on a KVM just for that. you can always plug a keyboard in if you ever need to get into the mainboard or RAID bios for anything. and that shouldn't happen too often. you can also set things up so windows server tries to do a soft shutdown if you hit the front panel power switch so you don't really need a keyboard to reboot it either. as long as your server isn't something like 10 years old you should be fine.  

most system boards also aren't fussy about having a keyboard attached anymore. or not from my experience anyway. you may need to fiddle with BIOS settings depending on what you have. but with all the headless home servers being made from old PCs that's a good thing.  

sorry I'm rambling. i'm at work and alternating between you and a webserver update while eating a truly horrid vendy sandwich for dinner.


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