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IDEA: Not so pointless clickometer!

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Hi there! :)

I spend a fair bit of time coaching kids in the classroom and I try to make my lessons as much fun as possible.
I normally use a VGA projector or a smartboard. At some point, I begin to ask questions and what I'd love to see to give the kids a bit more motivation is a simple "clickometer" with two vertical progress bars. Every time I click on the green one, it goes up one unit, and the same for the red one (thus, if they pick a wrong answer, the red bar goes up, if they pick the right answer, the green bar goes up one unit and so on).
This would give the kids a kind of being "part of a team" and I think it would be more fun for them (ok, I confess, and me too! :) )

Here's a very simple image showing more or less what I'm thinking about:

Sure, the program could have more features, like... I don't know, another image at the top with a green color circle or something showing that the green is beating the red, or a red one if it's the other way around, etc.  I don't know, I don't want to make it too complicated for you guys :)
Anyway, I think other teachers might find it useful also... lessons can be boring, let's make them a little more fun for everyone! :)
Btw, I use windows 7, so compatibility with it would be much appreciated if someone takes this up. :)

Finally, I don't know if I'm supposed to say this here, but I'm willing to donate at least 50$ for this. I know it's not much, but we've gotta start somewhere. :)


Maybe a way to correct a mistake if you've clicked a wrong one, and also a counter below the bars?
I don't know. :)

Maybe the progress bar should be sharper, no white spaces in between?

sounds like a fun project, i'm almost sure someone here will want to code it.

one thing i think might be helpful is if you have any more thoughts about form size requirements and constraints?
in other words, is it ok if the progress bars are both side by side on one main "form" that could be dragged around and resized? or is it important that these are basically 2 progress bars that float around and are not in a standard windows dialog?

I'm not really sure about the implications of the 2 different options, but I think I'm looking for a stardard window dialog, both bars on one same form that can be dragged around. (as long as each bar responds to a click independently)
As for size, I'm not really sure, but its height should probably not exceed the standard 600 pixels.


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