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Fx Software - Assistive Software - Freeware to aid (visually and other) impaired


This site has been mentioned on donation coder several times and was featured today on the excellent ShellCity site.  Very little info there about the author of the software, but the programs are all free, and donations are requested.

There are several dozen small utilities there that aid using windows in various ways for those with visual impairments and other issues.  Some useful tools.


Thanks, some very useful software.
Impaired or not, some of these are needed.
I like the magnifier and a couple others.

this is a very good site with plenty of useful tools. the author even contributed to DC's coding snack request some time ago - Virtual Flashlight.

Great site and an impressive amount of work from a programmer who seems modest in approach. In my experience that kind of approach seems common with those who work for assisting.

Also the magnifier, as mentioned by cmpm might be very useful for graphics types, particularly when viewing parts of vector illustrations.


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