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The conflict of interest that is Google

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Time to remind your self that only about 30% of world population has access to internet. So 70% are free and happy. Not more twisting argument than he does :) How old is he?

No doubt about it, Google needs to change their practices.  Only problem is, they're hard-wired into their current cannabalistic business practice.  No real way for them to get out of it gracefully, or even economically intact, that I can see ... even if they wanted to...

Some old news paper dudes will probably agree with you. So they can control market in a more peaceful way. Many happy victims disagree. They feel "compelled" to disagree is a better way of playing with words :)

I'm sorry, but based on the past quality of Joe Wilcox's articles, I aint going to bother. Is it really worth it mouser, or just more ranting from a blowhard? This guy switches his opinions 10 times a day, based - it appears - on whatever will get the most views to his articles and generate the most controversy.

- Oshyan

there's nothing new to read in the article so it really doesn't add anything to the debate.


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