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Alias: Send email to Remember The Milk


FarkMilk is without doubt one of most impresive plugins, however I use to conmute so I'm unable to use it offline. I could also send tweets but the offline problem remains. I decided to give aliases a try to customize based upon Core-Internet email functions. I've been able to send some emails but I can't put a body in my messages. I paste my aliases file below:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!-- This file defines aliases for use by the Find and Run Robot program ( -->
    <AliasSetDescription>Email to Remember The Milk.</AliasSetDescription>
    <DefaultUserVars>[eRTMPlugin]\n // Email account associated to your Remember The Milk account -- change to your values\n email=YOUR_RTMEMAIL_ACCOUNT\n \n</DefaultUserVars>
        <Regex>^ertms (.*)</Regex>
            <Result>ertms subject=$$1 |$$1%26body=L:p-someday /ICON=icons\farrmilk.ico</Result>

I have a list called p-Someday for personal someday/maybe. I'd like to paste basic template into my email so I can fill it without having to remeber every field (Format for template: I've been struck adding a body to my emails. I've tried using &body or %26body (URL safe enconding) but nontheless it always appears appended to my email subject.

Is there anyway to achieve this? Is this a known problem?  I've not been able to find relevant information in forums. It's my first try so I'm kind of newbie.

Thanks in advance

hi satch,

good questions.. there should be a way to do this, and you seem to be trying the right things.. let me try as well.  if i can't get it to work i can try to modify farr to handle sending body text properly.

Ok works fine you just have to know how to format it.

Here is an example mailto with a body and newlines in the body so you can do line breaks:

mailto:[email protected]?subject=hello there&body=I'm just writing to say hello%0A%0Asigned, me

notice that after the email address comes a ? then you have the variable=value parts separated by & signs.  the %0A are newlines.

to see how to set bcc,cc, and other info see: OR

Thanks mouser I think I tried it but whenever I do variable substitution it doesn't work. If I write subject it should work. If I get $$s1 and then replace it mailto:[email protected]?subject=$$1&body=p-someday it doesn't work.Everything ends as subject.

I'm using Outlook 2007 as mail client, just in case it's relevant.

I'm using Outlook 2007 as mail client, just in case it's relevant.
--- End quote ---
it may be..

let's try this to tell, if you use the exact line i pasted above (instead of your $$1 example), does it work and get the body of the message?

if my example works, see if yours works when there are no spaces in your $$1 text.


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