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Problems with fscript 1.20

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With all my plugins updated to fscript 1.20, I get these problems:

1- farr seems to send strings to the clipboard and strings are immediately pasted to the presently focused apps (e.g. the "search" alias does that, BUT note that the actual search is also performed --> browser opens, shows results, etc.)

2- some plugins just stopped working. (Like the Google Translate one : the farr window flashes briefly and I can see that the internet explorer blank page is displayed in farr's result area)

All my plugins + farr should be up to date... Hopefully.

For now, I went back to v 1.9... Everything seems to be working now.

Would you mind sharing the specific list of plugins you have installed?

Perhaps one of us might consider trying to reproduce the situation you are encountering.

Would you mind sharing the specific plugins you have installed?

Perhaps one of us might consider trying to reproduce the situation you are encountering.
-ewemoa (April 14, 2010, 08:15 PM)
--- End quote ---

Not at all. I have them all... Almost.

Here they are :

Clock (v1.0.0.1)
Timer (V1.01.13)
Data Generator (v1.0.0.4)
Delicious (V1.0.18)
Externalsearch (v1.0.0.0)
FARR AltTab (v1.2)
FARR Environment Variables (v1.1)

Everything Plugin (v0.1)  [DEACTIVATED]

FarrFox (V1. 09.01)
GoogleSuggest Plugin (v1.0.0.1)
FarrMostRecentlyUsed (V1.0.1)
FarrMultiMonitor (V1. 1.0)
FarrUninstall (V1.03)
FarrWindowsSearch (FARR 2 Plugin) (v0.1.0)
TinyEverything (v0.9.5)
FCalc (V1.10.01)
FARR Subscript (V1.10)
GooglePlus (V1.1)
hamNotes (V1.0.0.7)
Network Connections Plugin (v0.0.0.3)
PrinterList Plugin (v0.0.0.6)
ProcessKill Plugin (v0.0.0.5)
SendMessage (V1. 0.0.0)
Service Control Plugin (v0.0.0.3)

??l (v??|) - ??|  [This one is actually TodoTxt, but for some reasons, this is how it appears in the plugin manager]

The fscript.dll version that created problems was the last one (1.20), I believe.

Thanks for the list.

Setting up a similar environment may take some time here, but FWIW:

I have found:

* Network Connections Plugin, but no
* ProcessKill Plugin, but no
* Timer 2.0 (an FSubScript plugin via CZBPack), but no 1.01.13
IIUC, TodoTXT was an FScript Python plugin -- if you don't have python installed or if the plugin can't find an appropriate installation of Python on your system, I doubt it will work (which might explain the odd display of characters).  Is it correct that you don't use this one?  What happens if you disable it and restart FARR?  Do you still observe the symptoms from before?

The following I haven't fetched yet -- don't see them in DcUpdater (forum search time, perhaps):

* Clock (v1.0.0.1)
* Delicious (V1.0.18)
* Everything Plugin (v0.1)  [DEACTIVATED]
* FarrWindowsSearch (FARR 2 Plugin) (v0.1.0)
* GoogleSuggest Plugin (v1.0.0.1)
* TinyEverything (v0.9.5)

Thanks ewemoa for taking all that time to double check the plugins versions, etc.

I won't be able to look at that problem again today.

However :

1- I see that the DCupdater doesn't seem to work quite well here... Maybe am I not using it properly or... Does it need to be updated !  :)

2- Yes, it is correct : I don't use the todoTxt plugin. I should probably get rid of those I don't use. Spring cleaning. That said, I'm pretty sure my python installation is functional, but maybe is it a bit old, etc. I was planning to learn the language but never had the time to do it...  :-[ Got caught in other "languages" like java, vb, etc.

More tomorrow...


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