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How do *you* tell when your OS is booted/ready?

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While I was waiting on coffee to finish this morning, I happened upon a question - apparently a much-asked one - that intrigued me, "How do I tell when my system has finished its start up?"

The response was so inane that I had to search to see what other answers might be available.  This question goes all the way back to Win95  ;), and the answers I saw, some of them, were amazing.  Now, while these were mostly Windows-related, the question applies to any OS, I'd warrant.

So that got me to thinking.  How do I know when my system is ready for use?  Never really thought about it before.  Turns out, after a bit of cogitation, that I check the system tray [notification area?] for an icon count in Windows, and something very similar in Linux.  I used to look at CPU activity, but that's not so reliable as once it was.

Now I'm curious.  How do DCers decide when their system is ready for use.  Or, more properly, how do you know when your start up process is finished? When initialization is complete and the system is as idle as it is going to be?

I suppose it all depends on what we individually consider "fully booted" and "ready" to mean. There are formal definitions. And with something like Linux or BSD, it's a bigger question because you can also control which runlevel you want to 'boot' into. ;)

When running Windows however, it's nothing too 'scientific' for me.

I'll usually just wait for drive and network activity to settle down after the system tray is fully populated.

I used to only wait for the tray. But today, with all those automatic update utilities running in the background, drive and net activity is likely to be a better indication of when your machine is fully booted.

At least by my definition. 8)


ADDENDUM: The time it takes me to get  a cup of coffee :-* after hitting the 'on' switch is also a pretty reliable indicator.  :Thmbsup:

"How do I tell when my system has finished its start up?"
--- End quote ---

You might like Skrommel's IdleRun.

My old computer is pretty noisy, so it's easy to's ready when it quiets down. In order to know when that is without getting anywhere near it, I timed it with a stopwatch and selected a startup wav about equal in length to the average startup time...a full song almost 6 minutes long.  :D

On the newer computer, I use my Lacuna Launcher application to space out the stuff that loads at startup, which means when the last app on the list loads, it's ready to go. That would happen to be my IRC client, which automatically puts me into the DC IRC channel when it loads.

Hm-m-m.  Didn't think to search the topic here.  Seems as though the favorite timing method on the IdleRun thread is a beverage  ;D.

Not certain that would work for me.  As often as I reboot, I'd end up jittery (coffee), fat (soft drinks), or drunk (beer or other alcohol)  ;).


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