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Video Editing software - Any recommendations?

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For pro editing you basically have 3 choices on Windows :

- Adobe Premiere
- Sony Vegas Pro.
- Avid (liquid 7 probably)

I can't afford any of these -- and maybe are they to expensive for you too -- but I did work with Premiere and Sony in University labs for a project last year. Unfortunately I can't comment on Avid (they might have downloadable demo though... Haven't checked -- avid used to require special hardware and the university had a few computers with these, but... They were already used for some other projects...).

Premiere is complex and can do a lot. Some Pros : The fact that it can be used with photoshop, After effects, etc. is a big plus. Some Cons : However : 1- when I used CS4, it was highly unstable. Crashed all the time. 2- simple actions were often hard to achieve. 3- I didn't like the rendering default settings for mpeg compression and was never able to achieve the quality I was after.

Sony Vegas pro can probably do almost anything premiere does. Pros : 1- It's easier to use, very efficient : many actions are performed in at least half the time (than premiere). 2- It's also VERY VERY stable. It never crashed once when I used it. This is a big big plus for me. 3- Rendering to mpeg was a breeze and high quality.

If I was going to buy something, it would be Sony vegas. Unless Avid proves to be superior... But I honestly wonder how it could be.

There has been a break in the posting stream in this thread, so I expect we now are done with the zillion dollar programs, or what? Why must I come here for a free or low cost editor and be told that a $600 editor is what I need?

.. I am hoping I can find something that doesn't require a 2 month learning course to understand and hopefully it would also be free or at least cheap.
-p3lb0x (April 05, 2010, 02:09 PM)
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"Any suggestions?" -as he also were asking.

@IQLover - Out of curiosity, why is important to you that something not be from a US company?  :)

I agree with Armando.  i went through this last year, and I thought Sony Vegas was the best one.  A lot easier to use than most video editing apps, very fast, stable.

No thanks on any nch software.
Made that mistake once, that was enough to remember to stay away.
-cmpm (April 05, 2010, 03:43 PM)
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Word up


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