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Video Editing software - Any recommendations?

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I have been wanting to do more than simple video editing for some time and MS movie maker has begun to show it's faults more and more as I have been using it. I have shifted slightly over to VirtualDub but that too has a lot of stuff I would want and is pretty technical compared to MS movie maker. What I am looking for is a above basic level video editing program that can do special effects above just overlaying filters and such. Even with those requirements I am hoping I can find something that doesn't require a 2 month learning course to understand and hopefully it would also be free or at least cheap.

Any suggestions?

Sony Vegas is probably the best video editor on Windows.

Corel isn't too bad either.

VideoPad might be worth having a look at:

No thanks on any nch software.
Made that mistake once, that was enough to remember to stay away.


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