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How to watch folders and perform certain actions automatically?

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Hmm, Belvedere does not have an "execute command" action (yet?), so there is no uncompression.  :(

I can't download Log Monitor for unknown reasons.  :huh:

I like that one Shades.
There is a lot of tasks that can be done with it.
Looks like it anyway.

Hmm, I hope someone here has a clue:
I usually download archive files into a certain directory. Now it is quite much work to unpack them manually and delete the archive files. What would be the easiest way to automate this?
-Tuxman (March 26, 2010, 07:42 PM)
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File mover might be it.
File mover is useful little utility that will move files from one folder to another. An added bonus with this utility is that it’ll (optionally) run a program each time a file is moved;
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Ahh, looks like it. (Hmm, VBScript.)  :D :up:

I was asked by a client a year ago to make a SERVICE that watch
a directory for zip files and opens them
Dose that help ?
If it is interesting to any one i mite do a product out of that.
(I have a variant of the program that is not a SERVICE)


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