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How to watch folders and perform certain actions automatically?

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Tuxman, in that list of 5 programs, it looks to me like #1 (Unpacker) will do what you are asking.  What doesn't it do?

Another one that I know of is called PAR Buddy.  However, it focuses more on PAR funcionality than archives.  Meaning, it does watch folders and extract the archives, and deletes the archive files.  However, if the archive doesn't have PAR files, i don't think it extracts.  I also don't think it works with zip files.

I'm also interested in this, now that you mention it.  PAR Buddy is good for me, but I'd like one that does the same thing but also works with other archive formats (other than RAR) and without PAR files.

Tuxman, in that list of 5 programs, it looks to me like #1 (Unpacker) will do what you are asking.-superboyac (March 26, 2010, 11:53 PM)
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The ability to watch folders was not clear from the list, excusez moi.  :-[
Gotta play a bit with the listed applications.

(The Unpacker even seems to be able to automatically delete files, hmm... but it lacks .7z support. :()


Log Monitor
I've used it in the past to watch directories. seems to work well enough.

What about LifeHacker's Belvedere?

It will look in multiple folders for different files and can execute several actions (copy,move,delete, compress etc) all based on rule sets  that you yourself can set up. It does this on configurable time-intervals and can even keep a log of all the actions that are performed.

Although this may not be what you want, it certainly looks interesting to me.


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