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How to watch folders and perform certain actions automatically?

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Hmm, I hope someone here has a clue:
I usually download archive files into a certain directory. Now it is quite much work to unpack them manually and delete the archive files. What would be the easiest way to automate this?

Here's 5, not sure about the delete archive.

If you did it at one time, how?
And why does it not work now, just curious.

I never did it, but I would like to know if there exists such an application.  :)
I see that I was not precise enough: I look for something that actually watches folders (checks them in certain intervals) and extracts any new archives.


#4 has a watch folder option

it may work like you want it to....

Ah, looks more like what I was looking for. (Although the weird looking GUI is rather... weird.)
Does it support .7z?


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