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Newsletter for March 8th, 2010 - "March Madness"

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Newsletter for March 8th, 2010"March Madness"

1. Newsletter Editorial

Hi all, Darwin here with the latest DC newsletter. It's been a month since our last edition and there has been a lot of activity at DC and on the forum.  We've got a software giveaway and drawing to tell you about and our usual newsletter content - DC software updates and forum highlights from the past month.

Last newsletter mouser told us that ehtyar is taking some time off from writing his Tech news letter (see last section of this newsletter for links). Stephen66515 stepped into the breach to keep the newsletter coming. Now I'm writing to let you know that Stephen is the new official discount coordinator at DC. You can read Mouser's official announcement via the link below.  This month's discount is on True Launch Bar, an application dock/launchbar.  Thank you VERY much, Stephen!

Mouser also recently started a thread about Flattr, which is a new micropayment system. Read mouser's introduction and the discussion that follows here and perhaps weigh in with your opinion. Remember, DC credits function in a similar way, you can always send a poster some credits to let them know that you enjoy reading their posts or to thank them if they've posted something that has helped you out in some way.

* March 2010 Discounts and Giveaway Drawing (True Launch Bar)
* Flattr: New Micropayment System - Gets the Model Right

2. User-to-User: Your Input Requested

DC is a user centred community. There are over 200,000 registered members, and yet only a fraction are active. We welcome everyone's participation on the forum, no matter what your level of computer knowledge or how long you've been a DC member. So, if you're still waiting to make your first post, check out the links below for some good places to jump in.

* Will you miss newspapers when they're gone?
* Finance Management Websites: vs vs
* Windows XP to Vista to Windows 7 Upgrade advice?
* Pirate vs. Paying Customer illustrated
* Which is better windows mobile or android os or iphone os?
* == Amazing?
* Which Linux For Non-Techie Windows Users?

3. DonationCoder Software Updates

Mouser has released a new version of FARR (Find a Run Robot), and the CircleDock team is busy as always; plus ewemoa continues his FARR plugin coding marathon..

* Find and Run Robot 2.86.01 Released - some nice new features
* CircleDock Version 1.55 - a Significant Release: Please Read Carefully
* FARR Tool: CHM2Alias
* FARR Tool: Firefox 3 Searches Alias (Related to Firefox 3 Smart Keywords)

4. Website Discoveries, Debates, and Discussions

Check out some of the latest web finds that people have posted on the forum. You'll find tech news and discussions about software, technology, and tech issues.

* Yelp Website Accused of Extortion -- More Examples of Corrupt Review Sites
* The Blog of Michael Mindes: Ramblings of a Board Game Publisher
* Blog Essay: In Praise of Online Obscurity
* Nice site found while looking for right click/copy path extension
* Google Buzz - Gmail with facebook features
* Google does no evil; kills reMail
* Simple Machines Forum Organization in Chaos
* Flattr: New Micropayment System - Gets the Model Right

5. Fun, Games and Amusements on the Web

Congratulations! You've made it half way through the newsletter! Take a breather and check out some of DC's lighter side. Included for your enjoyment are some links to games and a link to a mini-review of a Nintendo DS title, "Zelda Spirit Tracks".

* Flash Tower Defense Game of the Week: Big Tree Defense
* Any Online RPG Players Here?
* Mini Review - Zelda Spirit Tracks for Nintendo DS
* Game-play always beats graphics
* Confessions of an Internet "Shock Jock"
* People are really (really, really) stupid
* Elegant Full Screen Weather Map Web Page

6. General Software Discussion   

This is one great resource if you're trying to solve a software or hardware related problem. We get so much traffic on this board that we've split the recent content into two sections in the newsletter - general software and specific software and hardware discussions.

* Return of the Son of the best *free* Windows Text Editor
* How to encrypt a USB drive without admin rights?
* Recommend portable word processor, please?
* Recommend anti-spyware, please?
* Simple software to facilitate reading screen full of text ...
* Virtual display utility
* Back again: focus flicker ...
* Versioning Systems, for Small Enterprise ...
* Best Way to Hide Desktop Icons?

7. Specific Software and Hardware Discussion

Here are some discussions about specific software and hardware issues and finds.

* Why OpenOffice? Why Microsoft Office? Each one makes their argument
* Feb 9, 2010 Windows Patch Leaves Many XP Users With Blue Screens?
* Why the aversion to .NET Frameworks?
* Toggle 1.5
* Networks and external drives
* Low-cost laptop in February 2010. Comments anyone?
* 15 Hacks Every Dropbox User Should Know
* Mass checksum checker

8. Developer's Corner

The Developer's Corner, sounds scary, doesn't it?! However, it is not. You'll find all sorts of subjects being discussed in here - everything from what programming language to use for a particular project to how to market a product on the web. In short, there's more to this corner of DC than you might think. I bet you'll find something relevant to you, even if you can't code your way out of a paper bag.

* Help Me Decide How to Giveaway Some C++ Books Here on DC
* The programmer as (starving) artist
* Resurrecting Ubiquity for Chrome
* Free Pascal - Lazarus?
* Programmers Challenged, Gauntlet Thrown
* Parsing / Filtering text
* Get 40% off The Pragmatic Bookshelf
* Versioning Systems, for Small Enterprise ...
* You are what you charge

9. News You Can Use

Thank you again, Stephen, for taking over the reins from ehtyar while he enjoys a much deserved break from TechNews.

* Stephens Weekly Tech News: Feb 14, 2010
* Stephen's Weekly Tech News - Edition 2
* Stephen's Weekly Tech News - Edition 3
* Stephen's Weekly Tech News - Edition 4

Thanks for preparing this month's newsletter Darwin, great job  :up:

Thanks for preparing this month's newsletter Darwin, great job  :up:
-mouser (March 08, 2010, 02:46 PM)
--- End quote ---
Nice one, Darwin!  :up: :up:

Nice 1 Darwin :D   :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Thank you for the newsletter.  You even bestirred me to add two posts.  I shall now go and lie down in a darkened room for a bit.  ;) ;)


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