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March 2010 Discounts and Giveaway Drawing - Winners Posted Mar 22, 2010

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This Month's Special Discounts and Giveaways:

* True Launch Bar (50% discount and 10 copies to give away)
* DonationCoder Mug (3 mugs to give away)

And I have some good news for you, we are going to get back into the swing of organizing discounts and giveaways for members.

That's because dc member Stephen66515 has leaped into the breach and volunteered to be the new official discount coordinator at DC. yay!  :Thmbsup: So three cheers for Stephen, and when you get a chance, head over to this board, and help recommend software and companies that you would like Stephen to contact.

 ;D  Happy to help in any way I can

Awesome! Thank you for taking this on, Stephen  :Thmbsup:

Thanks for volunteering Stephen66515.

WTG, Stephen!


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