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Using FileHamster to keep track of status of a job

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Then you would have to use the date filter to exclude the initial revision.
-tomos (July 28, 2010, 05:29 AM)
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ah, good idea. that could well be it. i'll have to experiment. i have some files locked and i "think" i added a directory at some point - which might be messing it up.

i'll try some tests to get to the bottom of it and report back.
-nudone (July 28, 2010, 05:35 AM)
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try sorting by date - if many files were revised at more or less the same time you can rule them out as being 'initial revisions'. Will still be fun with >2000 files :)

Another suggestion:
Once you find a batch of 'initial revisions', you could add a comment to them en masse (select them and add via context menu) and then sort by comment to exclude them

yes, at the moment it looks like i'll have to use a tagging system to get what i want. as usual, half way through a project isn't the time to start messing about so i'll change my work methods on the next job.

one last possibility for this job that might be  manageable:
if you've really only modified a few - in an exported spreadsheet of all (or just newest) revisions, sort by date & delete those revised at the same time. You should be left with the ones you modified. You can then find these easily in report window & add comments to them (or add comments to all revisions & then change the comments on the modified files). It's doable but might be a pia and not worth effort.

It is interesting though to figure out how you might approach the next job...

i'll try and figure out exactly what is happening first with this current job - it would help if i could remember what i did over the past few days.

then i'll try and come back with a method of keeping things manageable in the future. but i really think that is going to be something like "tag everything on day one AND/OR lock it". (maybe the zip plugin could be used or the duplicate plugin. not really thought about that yet.)

the Report Window does allow to protect everything in one go (i.e. show everything and protect it), which i've always wanted to be able to do - it was too laborious clicking through each directory and selecting "protect" with my old FileHamster. whilst protecting everything i'll just add a tag to everything at the same time - then that can be how i'll filter out unedited files (not sure if the time/date feature will be enough on its own).


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