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I've seen a few topics mentioning powerpro in the forum, but i haven't seen any explaining what it is exactly.
So, i went to PowerPro's site, and saw the tuturial. But it wasn't really any help, because powerpro is very featured and the tuturial is far too incomplete. So, i googled it and found this site witch has some nice flash tuturials demonstrating a few basic functions of powerpro. It got me convinced, and i will use this program in the near future, so i thought i should share it with you guys ;)
If someone has some more information on this good piece of software, or uses it, please post below!

Great site, very informative. Maybe I'll post a flash...
I've noticed (and I'm sure you have too...) that most folks either love it or hate it or don't care. My best analogy of most folks opinion about PowerPro goes something like this:

Some folks have a digital watch so they can see what time it is.
Some folks have an analog watch so they can figure out what time it is.
Some folks like to take apart the watch to see how it works and could care less what time it is.
Some folks like to run the robot that sets the time, pushes the alarm button, adjusts the wrist strap, sets it back or forward for daylight savings time....

THOSE are the folks who use PowerPro.

LOL Edvard.. That's a wicked analogy! :D
Honestly, i still haven't tried PowerPro, at the moment, I'm too busy (exams! :o :o) to get lost with yet another great application.
But i believe your word when it comes to using powerpro.
I guess I'm sort of the old folk (the one that loses so much time automating everything and in the end, although everything works, he won't ever use it enough times to compensate the lost time ;) ).
Witch one are you?

Well... I use PowerPro at work, so generally, I have to have a dang good reason for doing what I need to do with PP for it to be at all productive (and a few extra minutes shaved off my lunch hour) I use it mostly as a customizable launcher bar because desktop icons and quicklaunch were not cutting it. I also have some buttons for doing system thingummys through PP because it's MUCH faster. I don't use the virtual windows function because other VWM apps are better at it IMHO. I also run Litestep when I'm in the mood, so you might say I like to run the Giant Ant robot... ;)


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