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Hey I just now saw this thread.  So glad that T-Clock is active again!  Thanks Stoic!   :-*

PS I was actually listening to White Tiger when I saw it.   :Thmbsup:
That's some good hair-metal right there.

A cool feature might be to have a "School days until Summer" function.  I guess this would be a branch of the "DOY" (day of year) function.  You'd have to allow the user to define the "non-school" days though.  And also define the first day of "Summer."  Perhaps a comma-delimited txt file with (appropriately-formatted) dates.  Saturday and Sunday should be excluded from the count automatically.  Excel has a similar function.  Most time-related apps don't though--which surprises me, because there there a lot of teachers and students out there!

Bonus Star Wars geek tip:  Make your own r2d2 audio alerts to use in T-Clock. 

2016-06-07 1143hrs: I just added an image of the 3-clock Windows display to my post at: Re: T-Clock 2010 - pros and cons

How can I get to the settings? I have Win 10.

How can I get to the settings? I have Win 10.
-Biffle (July 09, 2016, 02:12 PM)
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I haven't tried Win 10. But on Win 7, you right-click the clock, then choose "T-Clock Properties."


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