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ResizeExplorer v. 1.0 is available on my downloads page:

It just sits in the tray and the first Explorer window it sees, it
sizes and positions it.  Before it is initialized, it will move Explorer
to x,y 0,0 width 600 height 600 just to show it's working. Size
and position Explorer then use the Save Explorer Position and Size
command in the Tray Icon Menu to save the setting to the .ini
file that is written in the same folder as the .exe when the program

This is just for those situations where you can't get Windows to
remember where you want the Explorer to open and the window

It only messes with Explorer the first time an Explorer window opens
while it is running.  Close all Explorer windows and it is "armed" again.

edit: changed default sleep time to 1/10th second.  Seems much more
responsive without hogging CPU.  If it runs up CPU on your system
you can bump it up a bit using the .ini file setting.

Spiffed it up a bit.  Added a Help command and a TreePad help file.  Reading the help file requires at least TreePad Lite v. 3.0 be installed.  But it's a lot easier to navigate than the readme and a lot
smaller than using a .chm.

Also added a command to Reload .ini file settings.  This way you can edit the .ini file while the program is running, then use Reload to avoid the settings being overwritten when the program saves on exit.
This also sets the Explorer Resized flag back to False.  If you change position settings and hit Reload with an Explorer window open, you should notice it move(at least the most recently active one anyway.)

Updated download link in first post to new domain.


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