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How to encrypt a USB drive without admin rights?

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There is TrueCrypt Explorer which is a portable without needing admin rights. It works but needs an update.

And, as I said earlier, Safehouse Explorer also proposes container encryption without admin rights.  The only trick I know is to get the full application, not the installer, which tries to install a driver.

AFAIK TC Explorer needs admin rights as well.

Just a week ago the excellent c't magazine introduced a tool for true usb-stick encryption with open source tools, working in Windows/Linux/OSX.
This method does not need admin rights and works cross-platform.
Check the (google translated) website here:|en
Or Original in German here:

AFAIK TC Explorer needs admin rights as well.
-wurst (March 09, 2010, 06:38 AM)
--- End quote ---

Yes if you want all features (mount container as a virtual drive), no if you just use the explorer itself.

wurst: heh, yet another tool... and using webdav for local access of files? Seems pretty... funky. Is there any guarantee that unencrypted data is never exposed?


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