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LATEST MiniCap VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.40.01 - Jun 24, 2017

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The culprit earlier was likely something else I had running at the same time. Will post back if it happens again.
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makes sense -- probably something fighting with minicap for foreground focus.

Today I had an use for a command line screenshot tool, and MiniCap worked great! Thanks Jesse  :Thmbsup:

Especial the possibility to specify a window by its name was pretty welcome, as so I could work in another window in the meantime.

I used this batch to capture a screenshot every ten seconds (while I was still working in another app, great!):


--- Code: Text [email protected] OFFCD %~dp0 SET myfilename=shot_$uniquenum$.pngSET stopatname=shot_234.png :loop        start "" MiniCap.exe -save %myfilename% -captureappbyname myapptocapture.exe -exit -compress 1                REM use ping on WinXP        rem ping -n 11 >nul        REM use timeout.exe on Win7        timeout /T 10 >NUL         REM break condition after 234 shots:rem IF NOT EXIST %stopatname% goto :loop         REM continuous loop, close the DOS-Box itself to stop the capturing:goto :loop

UPDATE, change stop condition mode:

--- Code: Text [email protected] OFF REM U S E R    S E T T I N G S:SET myfilename=shot_$uniquenum$.pngSET AppnameToCapture=msword.exe   REM T H E    C O D E:CD %~dp0SET counter=0:loop        start "" MiniCap.exe -save %myfilename% -captureAppByName %AppnameToCapture%  -compress 1 -noFocus -exit                REM stop for ten seconds, then loop again        REM use ping on WinXP        rem ping -n 11 >nul        REM use timeout.exe on Win7        timeout /T 10 >NUL          REM break condition, stop after twenty shots:        SET /A counter+=1        IF %counter%==20 EXITrem continuous loopGOTO loop

 :Thmbsup:  :-*

Excellent  :up:

I really enjoyed with MiniCap. But there seems little bug around `-captureredregselect` command-line option. When I capture with this option and set rectangle area 320 width and 200 height, I get width 319 and height 199 image (1px smaller than specified size). Please fix this!

Hi hail2u!

This was a bug in a recent Screenshot Captor, so I just need to rebuild MiniCap and it should be fixed.  I've been delayed releasing some updates recently, but I will really try to get it done this weekend.  :up:


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