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Anyone playing Mass Effect 2 game yet?

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I've noticed over the years that I don't get much enjoyment out of playing computer games.. but I still love reading video game reviews, and vicariously enjoying the magic ability of a video game to transport you into a imaginary world.

The latest game that has really captured my attention (on paper at least) is Mass Effect 2, which is a science fiction video action game with a very heavy focus on storytelling and emotional relationship between characters.

Has anyone played it yet? What did you think?

Here's from a recent review:

It's often been asked if it's possible for games to make people cry. Mass Effect 2 sidesteps the question by leaving it up to you whether you want to commiserate or smirk cynically at the pain of others. It would come across as contrived in many games, however the writing here is strong enough that it feels authentic when a character breaks down in tears. And fortunately, the drama has been leavened with a healthy dose of humor to keep things from getting too heavy.

--- End quote ---

Mass Effect was pretty decent, nice graphics and OK storyline... but it was very repetitive, and the weapons were seriously unbalanced. Furthermore, the good/neutral/bad-guy character development didn't really work, the dialogue options felt too biased. I built my character as a pretty cynical/tough guy, but ended up taking a good-guy dialogue part since there was basically only the choice between good-guy and ridiculously nasty.

It was a good enough experience that I would definitely not mind spending some time with the sequel :)

I've played through the entire game once - it's awesome.
Henchmen are useful without micromanagement, gun fights are really fun and challenging, all in all a big upgrade.

The good/bad responses have a great deal towards how the NPC's react to you in future missions. On at least one occasion you have to choose which of your henchmen you piss off, losing their loyalty for the rest of the game.
Yep - I'm a gamer

I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, but this is one game that has been on my radar for awhile, and I STILL ain't got around to trying.  It looks absolutely awesome so I'm pretty pissed that I ain't tried it lol

I've started playing (my wife got it for me for my birthday on Steam).  It's really gripping so far- I had ME1, but never got around to playing it, so I can't make any comparisons there, but the story so far is really good, as is the action.  I'll definitely agree with Subsailor, the henchmen are useful without micromanaging; in fact the only time I manage them is to use their biotics, or if I need them to specifically do something for the mission in most cases.

There's a detailed plot analysis; I haven't read it since I'm not done, and it's of course full of spoilers.  But other than that, most reviews have been very enthusiastic about it, and I am too so far.


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