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Anyone playing Mass Effect 2 game yet?

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SPOILER (warning for mouser)As far as I heard so far it should be possible to have the best ending with single player only. All you need is to do everything (all quests and artifacts): I did that for all 3 games!
And now I should play multi - being thrown away so much? Isn't even more ridiculous

I am almost done with ME3.. As impressive as it is, I am not enjoying it anywhere near as much as I enjoyed ME2.  I would strongly suggest anyone considering this who hasn't played ME2 -- do yourself a favor and buy ME2 instead.  It's a better experience.

Did you finish it? Thoughts?

Finished ME3; it was impressive and good and I can't complain about anything, but ME2 was much more of an enjoyable experience for me.

I don't know if that's because ME2 was "better" or because ME2 and ME3 were similar enough that after playing ME2 all the novelty wore off.

Bottom line, I'd highly recommend playing ME2 or ME3, but probably not both, and I don't know which of the two to recommend more highly.


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