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Browser Wars: Why did you choose yours?

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I am a very content Opera user.

I know that some people take issue with their (somewhat short-sighted) policies regarding 3rd party apps, but I have never been affected by this. The most common frustration I see is that RoboForm can't integrate with Opera, but I don't need RoboForm...

Back when I began my interactions with the internet, and hence needed a large number of unique, secure passwords, I created a formula to enable the generation and easily recall of my login information. This has served me well for the past decade, and I see no real reason why it will cease to do so.

I do periodically use other browsers to see what they have to offer, but have always ended up back where I began, with Opera.

Recently Chrome, or more specifically one of the alternative Chrome builds such as ChromePlus or Iron, have grabbed my attention, and it seems possible that I may one day end up using one of these. But I would need to find a replacement for Opera's inbuilt mail system, something I find to be fast, usable and robust.

Again I have tried other email solutions, such as Outlook, Eudora and The Bat!, but prefer what Opera has to offer, without the need for a separate app.

I readily acknowledge that Opera has its shortcomings, and do choose not to use some of the less useful features, notably the inbuilt BitTorrent client (which has never worked well for me), widgets (I have never found ANY widget system appealing!) and Unite (which seems interesting, but as yet I can't find a use for it!).

Finally: I find that Opera does meet my needs regarding extensions: I use UserJavascript to change browser functionality, and block ads (or any other elements) that I don't want to see with UserCSS and the inbuilt URL filter.

I love how this topic, started yet another argument because Tuxman decided that every browser in the world is 'plagiarizing' Mozilla Firefox, which, I must admit, is getting on my nerves.

Like Josh and many others have said, Chrome are working on a much more upgraded platform and have taken ideas from other browsers like IE, Opera, FF (If you start on a rant about it being Fx, I WILL scream) etc...but in the same sense, is this not what everybody does?

You want to make a FPS, so you will take ideas from loads of different, well established FPS's and modify and adapt the current, well loved features, improve the quality and call it your own.  Same with Televisions, HD is NOT a new idea, but an improvement on OLD ideas, same with DAB radio, High Speed Broadband, and pretty much anything else you use in everyday life.

Please can we try stay completely on topic and actually post things that are RELEVANT to this?

I did not ask you for a complete debate on why you love Firefox, I simply asked which browser you used and why.  Absolutly nowhere in my description of this topic, did I put "What browser do you use and why did you choose it?  Also, if somebody uses a different browser than you...shout at them and tell them they are wrong."!

I think after the debate in my other topic, regarding Opera, people know I love that browser, but I will not condemn anybody else for using another browser, as I currently have installed, IE (not by choice but I keep it anyway), Firefox (yes I use Firefox!), Opera, Chrome and a few other browsers, this is because I find certain websites work better in certain browsers because it was the main platform the developer of that website chose to test in.

I love how this topic, started yet another argument because Tuxman decided that every browser in the world is 'plagiarizing' Mozilla Firefox, which, I must admit, is getting on my nerves.-Stephen66515 (February 06, 2010, 04:53 PM)
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Opera does not, but Opera better should.

Opera does not, but Opera better should.

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Is that even English?

It should, too.


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