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2 copies of same app running


Will PT prevent 2 instances of the same app from running at the same time ?  Am having this problem in vista typically with the browser on occasion.  I can't close the app even with task manager - have to reboot to fix.  I believe this is a feature of Process lasso.

There is no option in PT to do this.. And if you can't close the app even with task manager it sounds like something else is wrong besides just two copies running.

I agree but can't figure it out.  May be caused by conflict with another running app. Memory checks out, CPU not overheating.  Might go 3 wks without seeing it then twice in one day.  Looking for a workaround.

i guess i can see several cases where being alerted about 2 processes of same name running would actually be useful, as a signal that something is wrong. maybe i will add this to the next version of Process Tamer.


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