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List Index Out of Bounds (1) Problem


Desktop Coral used to work fine for me and I loved it.  Now, it won't dock or do anything.  Not sure what happened.  If it try to right click it and say dock or just drag it to the edge of the screen it says "List index out of bounds (1)".  I have reinstalling and deleting the config file.

seems like today is the day people are having trouble with my software.. wonder if its something bad i did in a past life on this day  :huh:
i think you had the right idea -- exit the program then delete the ini config file (if you are on vista or win7, make sure you delete the copy that will be in your MyDocuments\DonationCoder\DesktopCoral\ or similar folder)

Ah.  Apparently the program wasn't closed... My bad.  Such an easy fix.  Thanks.

I get the same error in a certain scenario, when using RDC:

(1) I login to my local workstation at work, where I'm running DesktopCoral (workstation has two monitors)
(2) I go home, and use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to my workstation at work, via my laptop (laptop has one monitor)
(3) I get the error (additional popup every second or so), until I restart the app


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