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ProcessTamer: Request: Can Priority sort by value rather than alphabetically?


First let me say ProcessTamer is great!!  Not only does it keep certain programs (that I am forced to run) under control it gives me a way to determine what is running on my machine.  This last feature was helpful to track down a piece of malware that kept reinstalling itself.

My request is to have Priority sort as: Low/BelowNormal/Normal/AboveNormal/High/Reatime
Instead of alphabetically: Below/High/Low/Normal/Realtime

Thanks again for a great product.

welcome Peter, glad you like the program  :up:

regarding the sort -- i thought it already did.. where do you see it showing sort alphabetically? can you attach a screenshot?

Sure.   (should I have posted this to the official feature/bug thread?)

ah now i understand.. i thought you meant in the drop down combo boxes.. ok i'll put this on my todo list -- easy enough.



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