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DONE - IDEA: Program Lock / Protector

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I was thinking of a program that would lock the current state of another program and will not let you change the settings of the locked program till you provide the password. For eg. If I lock my Instant Messenger client, no one will be able to log me out or change any of my settings until I unlock it with the password.

this is an interesting idea, and could be done by spying on windows and setting components to "disabled"..
but writing a full program to do this and locking unlocking, specifying windows to apply to, etc.
def. not snack material.

 ;) Ah, a challenge!

WinLock - Lock individual windows with a password.

- One password for all windows.
- Only light protection.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.


Awesome... Thanks a lot.

Don't forget, if you can afford it and you want to support the amazing work skrommel does here, make a small donation to him by clicking on the $ symbol under his name or clicking the donate button on the Skrommel Software page.


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