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Saving web pages

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Do you mean when you go back to save a second version of a page that it overwrites the previous version?
mhtml should open in IE or Opera - have you tried opening the various files with different browsers?
If you save file as Web Page, complete (that's how it's described in FF at any rate), it should save the images in a folder with the same name as the file name - is it possible you moved the html file but left the associated folder somewhere?
I used to save web pages & had problems with mht but not with others
-tomos (January 06, 2010, 03:17 AM)
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Thank you for all of your replies.

I went into my Mom>Website folder on my drive, and every page I saved has lost its formatting & pictures.
After I saved 2 pages as jpgs, I tried mhtm & it worked. So I went with it.
htm files contain little red dots or the word, "Image" or "Logo" or where the pictures use to be.

In the saved mht files, the pictures are there but the formatting is gone.
In the saved htm files, the pictures and the formatting is gone.

Firefox: I like Scrapbook, but last month FF bookmarks, when I tested them, would not import back into FF 5 minutes after I exported them.
I had someone much more skilled than I try to make this work and they couldn't do it, either.
I had also saved these pages in Scrapbook but at that point, I was so distracted that I forgot to try to save Scrapbook data prior to reformatting.
Also left behind were the files that FF buries somewhere in users/roaming.

Other software: I'm OK with having to acquire software that would have made this easier. I gladly paid $175 for Net Snippets, because I could fully understand it, but they went out of business when Vista was released. I looked for another program to replace it, but couldn't find anything that simple.

I thought my computer would save the pages, as there exists the command, "Save."
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So, that may be a lost cause. But, there is still the blog containing photos of her work.
When I open that folder, here's what I see:

Saving web pages

So I guess I need a software if I want to save the contents of the blog.

Thanks for any suggestions.

If you use IE, saving as MHT will grab the whole page and save everything (text, images, css, js). If you use FF, scrapbook will work very well. It DOES save files locally, on your hard drive.

You may also want to use one of the web archive to see if you can find the page again:

-PPLandry (January 06, 2010, 09:16 AM)
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Thank you for this! This archive has saved most of her work, but...won't enlarge thumbnails of her photos.
Nonetheless, I really appreciate it. It's better than what I have on my computer!

Saving the photos from the blog might be more interesting anyway, that way I can see close-ups of her work.
Is there any reliable way to save a blog in its intended format? Or at least the pictures? Is saving a blog the same as saving a website?


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