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Has SEO ruined the web?

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is bing really better?  I tried it a couple of times and wasn't that impressed.  Can you describe why you like it better?
-superboyac (July 15, 2010, 09:26 PM)
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  It wasn't so much as Bing being better than google, it was the fact that google has the tendency to spy on everyone and keep everyones search queries for years without letting anyone know.  I'm pretty sure they sold these saved searches to marketers and such, but either way, I didn't like it.
On the other hand, Bing has some pretty neat features that I like, just not HTTPS like the new google offers.  Only thing I don't like about Bing is the big Picture that has to be loaded up.

Emma Morales:
Yeah, Bing should work a bit on HTML optimization (by Google or Yahoo standards). YSpeed is great for optimizing websites (someone should tell Bing guys about that:)

Google and payed listings are gray area, they telling us one thing, and do something else... Fortune is that for now featured websites are marked, but what if they remove any distinction between payed and organic searches...? Then we are screwed  :D


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