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Infix PDF Editor now at version 4

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In the early summer I recieved a free license from Iceni for Infix version 3 Standard because I posted about it. By posting again, here&now, I am not trying to upgrade my license from 3 to 4, because I can say already that the "Professional" version is what I want; and they don't give that one away. If you want to know more about Infix, after reading this, here, it may help to read the first thread.

Since summer I have only used the program a few times, all though I was very impressed with it. The problem that stopped me from using it more often was  the amount of time Infix will use to load all of my fonts every time it should open a PDF file; it was simply too SLOW (I have many fonts)! Otherwise I think it is a VERY fine and totally easy-to-use program. The guys at Infix have of course been told about the problem from more people than me, and now they have launched version 4, with shorter font loading time EDITED: and a bunch of new features.

Why upgrade to version 4 ?

    * Fill-out PDF versions of traditional paper forms
    * Direct document translation using XML import/export
    * Convert any document to PDF using the Infix PDF Printer
    * Edit the hidden text in OCR documents
    * Support for 20+ languages (spellcheck and hyphenation)
    * Restyled user interface plus support for Vista & Windows 7
    * Improved support for leader dots in tables of contents
    * Faster font loading
    * Support for latest versions of PDF
    * Supports Windows Vista & Windows 7
    * Automatic updates

Plus all the other features of Infix Professional.-Iceni Infix
--- End quote ---
Who can upgrade?
Any previous version of Infix can be upgraded to Pro for one price - $59.
--- End quote ---
Single-user Pro license    $159
Upgrade from Infix (any version) $59
5-User Bundle $649
Enterprise (unlimited licenses) $2,995

Infix (Standard) Single-user license $99
5-User Bundle $445

--- End quote ---

The version 3 that I already have is a so-called Standard version, but listed at $99 it is quite expensive, some may think. Nevertheless I think the Professional version 4, that I am testing now, at $159 may be an even better deal (well, shouldn't it be?!) because of certain features (that really should be standard in Standard !). One is the "automated text filling" (see video), but there are plenty.

The best feature of Infix may be the complete likeness with a normal rich text editor. It is almost incredible that Infix should be the only PDF editor that actually looks like an editor, (but it apparently is), because this was the very "feature" that caught my interest in the first place - I wanted a PDF editor that I could figure out how to use! Surely I cannot be the only one wanting this? Infix is just as easy to use as any rich text editor. Fantastic!

I don't agree with Infix on their price politics, (though they have lowered Pro from $199 to $159), but nevertheless I have already decided that I am going to pay the necessary $59 to upgrade my Standard 3 to version Professional 4; at this price I can strongly recommend it. At $159 the need for a professional editor must be present, unless of course you have more money than I have, for this. However, if you have a lot of fonts installed, you may not want to close Infix between jobs; it is much faster than before  but still loads the fonts a little (too) slow  if there are many. If you only have the default number of fonts you may not notice the loading time at all.

Picture thumbs, click for full size:

Default view and size makes the text too small for my eyes:

Infix PDF Editor now at version 4

125% and "fit width" is good for old eyes:

Infix PDF Editor now at version 4

The first time you open Infix it is literally ready to edit at once:

Infix PDF Editor now at version 4

Some may find the preferences to be too few:

Infix PDF Editor now at version 4

What to do with a document:

Infix PDF Editor now at version 4

text features:

Infix PDF Editor now at version 4

what you can do with an object:

Infix PDF Editor now at version 4

Quick Start Guide included in Help:

Infix PDF Editor now at version 4

No, this was not sort of a mini-review.

Perry Mowbray:
No, this was not sort of a mini-review.
-Curt (December 17, 2009, 07:11 PM)
--- End quote ---

It's a pretty good substitute though  :D  Thanks

- thank you

I really just wanted to tell about a great program that sadly has been neglected because (maybe) it has a poor name, a wrong price tag, and a boring look.

Perry Mowbray:
Whilst we're not doing reviews... have you used PDF-XChange?

I think it's my favourite at the moment, especially the free viewer; but the pro version has many of the same features. I've always been tempted to purchase the PRO version, but the need hasn't quite tipped the balance yet. Also, it's a fairly competitive category of software these days, so actually choosing one among many isn't easy. I'd be interested in a your short comparison if you had...

You are so right about the name: you can see where they get it from (like Surfulater), but, I mean, really??

Looks are an interesting point. As long as they are functional is the main thing, but if software can also be fun then using it is not so much of a chore (which is pretty important at work  ;) ).

I use (Tracker) PDF XChange Pro 2 as my default viewer. I have not yet given myself any reason as to why I purchased the pro version, because I use Nitro PDF Pro 6 as virtual creator. It is quite expensive but also in another league. Among many features Nitro Pro includes a Word>Pdf converter that really sets the standard! I got a license for free via

When it comes to virtual printing, I will chose Nitro if the job doesn't requite any editing of the file, because Nitro has some settings that makes it fast to use. Infix is too slow to use as primary print-to-pdf because it (always?) will pop up before saving, but it is the fastest to use if you know in advance that you want to edit the print, before saving as pdf.

Hmm... in my head it is early morning here, and I am not yet all awake.


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