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How do you organize your email?

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I use outlook 2003, use rules to folders for important mails (work ones) and put all personal mail in a "personal" folder, uncategorized.

I alse have created a favorite meta-folder (that is my very home folder) called "Inbox & Sent" (outlook calls it a "search folder"): my objective is to let this folder be empty. So I always file mails from this "meta-folder" to real folders. With this trick I have real folders that contain not only the received mail, but alse the mail I sent.
In this way I can export/save/share/search a folder about a certain subject being sure that it contains mails received as well as mails I sent.

And then I also use for extensive and quick searches on the whole pst file.

By to all,


... folders that contain not only the received mail, but alse the mail I sent.
-cettolox (September 13, 2006, 09:35 AM)
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That is another thing I find really great about the webinterface of gmail: the way they keep "conversations" together makes sense to me. With my current email client I have to bcc: myself and not keep a copy in "sent mail" to get something similar. It doesn't work very well though.

Can someone tell me if thunderbird is able to display messages like that? It is very useful for mailing lists I post to.

Have any of you tried the program Mailbag Assistant?  Supposedly it digs through your emails and you can extract them and export it to html.  It's supposed to be really cool.  I've messed with it a few times, but not seriously because I ddidn't know what I'd use it for.  Check it out:

Another vote for opera M2.

I have multiple gmail accounts...each for a different purpose.

All mail from them is forwarded to my main gmail account, where it is labeled with what account it came from.

Then all newsletters are labeled with the name of the newsletter and archived.

My labels are sorted in the labels list by adding a letter to the beginning to of each to classify them by type. (E for email addresses, L for lists, P for projects, N for newsletters, F for family, etc)

Same is done with other mail, labeling it with something that can identify it, and immediately archived if that category makes sense to archive.

What I am left with in my inbox is a few stray unclassified emails, stuff that's very important, and whatever the spam filters didn't catch.

If it's something I want, chances are it has a label. Most things without a label are spam.

I let a lot of the newsletters pile up (ones that send 2-3 short ones a week) and read them all at once, when I have time for it.

My only wish was that one of my isp's would allow me to forward my mail from my 4 account boxes to gmail. Then I would really have things under control.


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