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new feature when making a post: "add text.." box


I've added a new drop down box available when you make a post with some common text+links that people might want to add to their posts, to make it easier to do so.. useful for linking back to common sites (ie it's easy to add the following links now by just selecting from the dropdown box):

[link from]
[link from]
[link from fileforum/betanews]
[link from freeware world team]
[link from lifehacker]
[link from boingboing]
[link from coding horror]
[link from]
[link from]

if anyone wants me to add some text entries for useful text or links that they find themselves using repeatedly, or which they think others might find useful, post a reply here to suggest it.

ps. i added this feature because i was always posting links from other sites and being too lazy to include a full link back to that site; this should help solve that problem.


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