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NANY 2010 Release: Twigatelle

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Level 10 looks both incredibly awesome and impossible to finish!

Of course, that's assuming I ever get there in the first place... It's been a while since I tried Twigatelle. I'll have to check out the latest updates. (c:

I just came across something interesting: I hit the final red bar and then the ball ricocheted and hit a green bar. The green bar did nothing at all.

Just got to level 6 for the first time. What a fun level!

On level 7, I cleared away all the red pegs, but I had one ball left and it let me shoot again, then it gave me a game over.

I'm curious about why this happens this way:

Ball Duo: Shoots out 1 extra ball so there are 2 total.
Ball Trio: Shoots out 3 extra balls so there are 4 total.

I finally beat level 8 and the next level was... level 8?

Carp! I've been playing version 0.7 this whole time!


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