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Problem with 2.25.01


I've been using Url Snooper for years and never had any problems - except when I tried to install the latest version on a new system.

I have a Realtek on-board lan card, and have installed both UrlSnooper and WinPCap 4.1.1. as administrator.
The only network adapter I can chose is the Realtek - however, I can not receive any packages with it.

I have found an old installer for UrlSnooper 2.21.01 with WinPCap 4.1beta - and here I have 2 more network adapters available:
- Adapter for generic dial-up and VPN capture
- WAN (PPP/SLIP) interface

and both of THOSE work.

So why does the new version not work? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

hmm thats very strange..
so you are saying that maybe winpcap 4.1 beta works, but not 4.1.1.

can you try installing urlsnooper 2.25.01 but skippng the new winpcap that it offers to install for you.

Where can the older versions of URL Snooper be found? While mouser is testing the current version, I'd like to see if this works for me too.

Some older versions:


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