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The Russian SLO.RU states Light Alloy to be freeware, so the answer to the riddle may not be too difficult, for Russians... (unless the SLO version is a special SLO-Russian version).-Curt (December 12, 2009, 04:31 AM)
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Actually it says on the Softella website: Free for the Russian speaking population.

So, technically, if you can speak Russian you can use it for free.
-4wd (December 12, 2009, 06:08 PM)
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Yeah, but it seems like you have to be able to solve the riddle to find out what to enter in the registration fields.

Geez, another interesting thing about Light Alloy from the website in the contact section:
For discussion of all issues there is a forum in which even works search.

However, if you have an irresistible urge to send a message to the author the player, here you can do it.

Be aware that the likelihood that you will receive a response almost zero, but perhaps, your message will be read.
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He's certainly one of the more peculiar authors that I've come across.  But he makes a fantastic product.

Other peculiar authors with great software I've come across (just FYI):
The Bat

Yeah, but it seems like you have to be able to solve the riddle to find out what to enter in the registration fields.-superboyac (December 13, 2009, 12:31 AM)
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Sorry, missed that bit.

Using Google Translate, I get: "Then have a little break a head, I hope all will end well."

Which makes a little more sense if, for example, the program phones home to check the validity of your claim to be Russian speaking.

No, the program doesn't phone home.  If you enter the correct key, it will register (it's internally programmed).  It's a riddle.  I also found another forum yesterday (i'll post the link if I find it again); in the forum (which was also in russian), a bunch of russian people were trying to figure out what the answer to the riddle was.  No one in the thread seemed to have found it.  So, I'm not sure how the free registration actually works.  I think the author is just having fun.

There's the forum.  If you translate it, you can read how they're trying to figure out the riddle.

OK, I'm getting closer...
If you leave the program (Light Alloy) in Russian, and then go into the license registration screen, you will see that there is something prewritten in the "Registration Name" field:

So that must be a prompt or something.  Maybe it's a question, and the answer is the key, and if you put it in, the registration is complete.


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