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Although some of the users posting here have evaluated this security solution alongside PGP/GPG, it should be noted that simplicity in security is critical.  Even among some of the most paranoid, security conscious people I know, NOBODY uses PGP for some reason.-webfork (August 15, 2011, 05:36 PM)
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PGP serves a very different purpose than fSekrit, though, and it's still worthwhile for those reasons. I store my passwords and other stuff in fSekrit documents, but if I were to receive encrypted email I'd prefer something pubkey encrypted... and if I need to sign data, that would also be with something pubkey based. It'd probably be GPG rather than PGP though :)

1. Any way to perhaps rename or change a fSekrit file so it will transfer across email services that block sending executables?  Maybe a zip file inside a zip file or something similar?-webfork (August 15, 2011, 05:36 PM)
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Not something I would implement in fSekrit, as it's a pretty specialized usecase. Also, trying to subvert such scanners would likely get fSekrit blacklisted :). I have plans to support loading/saving ".fSekrit" files instead of only dealing with the .exe containers. Would that work for you?

2. You mentioned over on awhile back that you'd open the source code  ... any chance that's going to happen?-webfork (August 15, 2011, 05:36 PM)
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Yeah, it is - I know I've been very very slow in making good on the promise though. My girlfriend got me hooked on world of warcrack at xmas... need I say more? :-[

I know this is an old project so if you'd like it to mothball, I certainly understand.  Thanks for your work on it so far.-webfork (August 15, 2011, 05:36 PM)
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I still use it daily, so I don't feel like abandoning it. I was working on some substantial rewrites, though, and got stuck on some boring-to-write code - that, combined with a zillion real-life things (and warcrack >_<) sucking up time unfortunately pushed fSekrit to a fairly low position on the priority list.

I'm hoping to change that soon, though. Being done with the education system and having found a job means more spare time :)

Hi, can you recompile fSekrit with "portable mode" as default - without use file "fSekrit.portable", please (sorry if my english is not well)

I've been trying to use fSekrit lately and I keep getting errors when I try to save a file.

And lots of little .tmp files are being saved in the directory where I'm trying to save the file.

I'm not sure, but I think this is bad (as in insecure). Why is this happening and how do I get it so it will save my file?

Only things I can think of is:
a) The file you opened is read-only.
b) You don't have permission to write to the destination.
c) Your AV/AM program has taken exception to fSekrit and refuses to let it write out the final executable.

My money goes with (c) ... but I'm probably wrong.

Have you tried renaming a .tmp to .exe and running it. I suspect they might be copies the program saved since it couldn't overwrite the original.


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