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The DonationCoder "Superior Antivirus" Award/Certification

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Well, it is worth a try - and after all, AnandTech got OCZ to do The Right ThingTM and optimize their Vertex SSD firmware for random access at the cost of the (pretty irrelevant) sustained transfer rates... something marketing probably didn't like :)

anyone want to try to make a nice fancy professional looking graphic logo for the page?

I too like this idea a lot and would be glad to contribute anything I can. I think your list is pretty good as-is. The idea is to provide as many resources as possible for people to find more info, which of course they don't have to use, they can still just trust the program. I don't know how possible it would be, but some kind of "certainty rating", with a little graphic, on a 1-5 or 1-10 scale, or perhaps a percentage, would be great. E.g. "Win32.Gen/DOCOVIR/PACK has been detected as a threat. Avast is 35% certain that this is a genuine security threat." which would be based, at least in part, on similarity to predicted malicious behavior and code, for example.

- Oshyan

i think the rating idea is a good one -- but i'm trying not to "require" any details in this list that we don't feel are mandatory.  so we might say that the program needs to report SOME estimate of certainty in some form.  this is not going to be easy to put into a numerical form.

Fair point.

- Oshyan


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