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The DonationCoder "Superior Antivirus" Award/Certification

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Is it even worth attempting to bring some light to the topic of antivirus software when the companies that are creating the AV products are taking such pains to cloud the issue?

Maybe it would be a better idea to just recommend one (or two) 'best of breed' products ala Gizmo (with the rationale for their selection) and let it go at that?

There's so many bogus and misappropriated award badges out there that I seriously wonder if an "award" means all that much any more - no matter who is conferring one.

40hz hits on a good point.  That's why I found it so hard to say this is the best, or that's the best.  When I was making my recommended software list on my website, I found the most practical way to keep it up was to just loosely talk about my favorite software and leave it at that.  I don't bother with a consistent article format, or meticulously going through each feature, comparing it with the alternatives, benchmarks, etc.  I found it was too much work and impossible to keep up without making it a full time job.  So I just talk about why I like it, tell a couple of hopefully entertaining stories, maybe point out a favorite feature.  My intent is to get the user to think, "hmm, that looks pretty good, I'll try it out."  And hopefully, they have enough trust to believe that if I like it, there must be something to it.

Anyway, I know that's a little off topic.  but whenever I see people talking about badges and reviews and comparisons, it gets me thinking about this.  There are a lot of review sites and forums out there.  But many of them are unreliable to me.  That's why I liked Zaine's old list, before he went Linux.  I trusted him, so I knew i could look for something on that list, and it was probably a safe bet that I would like it.


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