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The DonationCoder "Superior Antivirus" Award/Certification

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Carol Haynes:
Oooo err ... its all my fault mother. A few hours after I posted the message above AVAST updated automatically (free and Pro versions) and promptly went into meltdown.

Since VPS/091203-0/3.12.2009 was automatically installed this evening apparently every user of Avast is now manically fighting false positives on their computers. So much so that the suipport section on Avast's website is impossible to get onto because of massive traffic.

The symptoms are that just about everything is classed as Win32:Delf-MZG [Trj] and the prompts come so thick and fast that you can't get to the icon to turn the AV off. The only solution I have found is to disable the software as soon as the icon appears in the system tray (not easy if it is usually hidden!).

I'm sure there will be a fix in the morning but it is a bit ironic that I had only just waxed lyrical about the reliability of Avast.

I suspect my phone will be ringing off the hook in the morning with customers complaining they have a mass of viruses - if I was unscrupulous I could make my fortune ;)

Oooo err ... its all my fault mother. -Carol Haynes (December 02, 2009, 08:24 PM)
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Thanks for the info....I knew it was your fault  :D

Avast provided me with some much needed exercise this morning by having me jump between rooms. 'The-one-that-has-to-be-obeyed' sits in another room with XP pro and Avast pro only to scream every 2 seconds. Even the FW update is a virus.

When a suspected malware is found, the user must be presented with a dialog that clearly describes:

* A clear indication of the date that the antivirus signature matching the file was added, -mouser (December 01, 2009, 10:55 AM)
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that applies for FWs as well, anyway please tell me when it got there NOT when you found it because I know when, after all I'm sitting right in front of the computer.[/list]

So can we offer products up on this thread, and see/dissect if any of these expectations are met by any AV/security software?

A write-up about the avast freakout:

cmpm let's leave this post for working out the details of the award -- i dont think any antivirus company meets these requirements at this time.

Ok, sounds good to me.
All these points are good ones if any 1 can achieve them all, I would be surprised.
I think it would have to a combination of more then one product.


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