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CNet's Security Starter Kit 2010


CNet put out two lists of recommended freeware for new PC's today.  The first was a general list (CNet's Windows Starter Kit 2010) in which I was honored to see my own Find and Run Robot program get the nod.  The second is this one, a list of recommended free security tools that serve different purposes.

CNet's Security Starter Kit 2010

Refined for 2010, the Security Starter Kit will ensure that your sanity lasts way longer than your resolutions through a collection of must-have programs to protect your Windows computer. In our six categories this year, we offer the core essentials of Antivirus and Anti-spyware, as well as ancillary but important categories such as In-browser Security, Firewall, Encryption, and Parental Control.

--- End quote ---

Kudos, mouser, that's beyond awesome.   :Thmbsup:

excellent. farr marches on towards world domination.

(not checked out the lists yet.)

Congratulations Mouser!

Looks like FARR and Donation Coder are starting to reach 'critical mass' up on the web.

We all know they're the best. Nice to see the rest of the world is starting to come around to the same realization.

Well done! :Thmbsup:

Congrats to you Mouser!  :Thmbsup:

FARR is getting some well deserved recognition!


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