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DONE: automated mp3 rip from video clip

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It could be that I have the mencoder.exe file packed into the video2mp3.exe file.

I am glad I found this post. I am always trying to find the best site to rip Mp3 audio. I have used a few of these conversion websites but they always want me to fill out an annoying survey or something. I did find few sites that do this online. appropriately named does free Youtube to Mp3 conversion. And Has anyone used the firefox add on for Mp3 conversion? Also does anyone know where you can rip Mp4 out of Youtube video? I can't seem to find a site that does that. Mp3 will not work with my ipod :mad:

I can add mp4 output capabilities to Video2MP3.  Maybe we'll have to call it Video2MP#.  =]

skwire: that I think about it.  Are you wanting something that will convert the YouTube video to an MP4 video?  Or, do you want something that will extract the audio portion only of a YouTube video to MP4 format?

As an aside, I thought all iPods could play MP3s?  My daughter's Nano plays them just fine.

Also...there are PLENTY of coverter apps that will take a YouTube Flash video (FLV) and convert them to MP4 and M4A formats.  I'm not sure I really need to re-invent the wheel here...


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