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Double to Single Space Converter

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Please can some one write a program to convert double and triple spaces in text copied from pdf's and word document to single space. I cut a lot of text from pdf documents into word tables and it always has double and sometimes triple spaces between the text and I have to do lots of find and replace in word to change double to single space (sometimes multiple times on the same piece of text) - use this program ( "ClipCase" to try to this but it never works on the double spaces - HELP!!

you can use a clipboard tool like my Clipboard Help+Spell and define a text formatting preset to do this; then just select your text and hit a hotkey and run the text formatter on it to do what you want.

try this AHK script to replace the unwanted whitespaces with one single whitespace. use the win+alt+v hotkey to process the clipboard and paste the content.

--- ---#!v::
clipboard = %clipboard%   ; change to plain text
clipnospace := RegExReplace(clipboard, "` {2,}", "` ")
clipboard = %clipnospace%
Send ^v

I have d/l'dclipboard help and spell - thanks - please tell me what type in the find and replace box of the modify format/case settings - I tried normal double space replaced with single - does not work, [:space:] replaced with [:space:][:space:] - does not work, [:space:]{2} replaced with normal space not luck! HELP (please)

Cheers lanux edited the script so my single key shortcut for puretext.exe also removes all double spaces! ace..thanks for your help too mouser!


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