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NANY 2010 Idea: A 'polite' reminder/diary system

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'edit field' sounds great (does that mean I can actually 'edit' - presumably copy text at least?)
-tomos (November 11, 2009, 11:46 AM)
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I think I'm getting carried away again !!
But copyable text would be great

I have it set as read-only (not disabled) since the view can show multiple .anu files at once.  So, no editing but you can certainly copy it out of there.

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v1.0.5 - 2009-11-11
    + Added AnuVu viewer.  Launch it directly from its executable or from the File or tray menu of Anuran.

Keep in mind that this is the initial release of AnuVu.  Lots of room for improvement.

This is what I'm talking about:
 (see attachment in previous post)
-skwire (November 11, 2009, 11:25 AM)
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Impressive. I wasn't aware that we could take it this far. I like the idea of search more now, because of the possibilities of "log clog." Without some sort of search, there will eventually be so many logfiles that they simply won't have meaning anymore. The app becomes a victim of its own success, as it were. Search helps to stave this off.

1. When multiple logifles are checked, how will they be displayed in the main viewer? In a chrono-order? Will there be any visual grouping, such that entries from different logfiles are separated somehow?
2. Minor suggestion: to keep with the current trend of searchboxes in apps and online sites, move searchbox to upper right corner, in line with the toolbar.
3. Consider changing the style of timestamps, such that they are visually separated from entries. My preference: slight reduction in font size, and bolded.
4. With search filters in place, my next want will be to "export the current view" to another text or .csv file.  At the very least, I should be able to select text in the viewer pane and copy it elsewhere, but more advanced users might want to keep the logfile markup intact for their purposes.
5. Quibble: I prefer a white background for the log viewer pane rather than gray. It's consistent with the look and feel of most other apps.
6. I already see 'select all' and 'select none' functions are planned. CTRL-CLICK on a checkbox should also toggle the behavior.
7. Does the search also respond to dates/times? Obviously, if the user changes his timestamps midstream, he's up his own creek with how consistently this would work.
8. Earlier request, repeated: When AnuVu is started by opening a .anu file, it should display the logfile, plus any other logfiles in the same directory. This is for users who end up moving their logfiles around.
9. What if a user has logfiles in multiple folders but wants to display them together with AnuVu? This strikes me as a fairly rare use case, so I don't think it's necessary to address it, but I feel it should be mentioned.

1. In filename order with no grouping.  This is just a simple edit control so there are limitations to what I can do with it.  Some alternatives would be for me to change to the HiEdit control or RichEdit control.  Both of these add quite a bit more complexity to the app but I've not ruled them out entirely.  FWIW, I enjoy the plain-textedness of apps...including this one.

2. I can put it above the display field but not in line with the menu items.  Would that be acceptable?

3. Again, I'm working with a simple edit control.  There are no per-line formatting options.

4. You can highlight and copy out of it like any normal edit control.

5. The reason for this is that I've set the edit control to read-only to stave off the impression that you can modify the text.  I can take off this property which will turn it back to white.  However, any changes made to the text will not be saved.

6. Toggle which behaviour?  I'm going to add a right-click menu to the listview in the next build with "Check all" and "Uncheck all" options.

7. It's a simple text match search.  If your search string is anywhere within an entry, including the timestamp, it will match.

8. Currently, AnuVu will get the folder that you have configured in Anuran and show the current.anu in that folder along with any .anu files found in the \archive subfolder.  I'll change it to display any .anu files in the configured folder as well as the \archive subfolder.

9. I can add drag & drop capabilities to the form.  I can also build in a context menu extension so you could right-click a group of .anu files and add them to AnuVu.  I've built AnuVu's display and search functions to handle whatever .anu files it has listed in the listview.  This is actually much easier to implement than it may sound.


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