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DONE - IDEA: make the taskbar shift through a range of colors gradually

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Thx for this nice Tool  :)

My request : Can You implement an (Trayicon-Click) Option to stop shifting (at a Favourite Colour) ?


 :) Try ColorTaskbar v1.2!


;D  ey! - You are great! :Thmbsup:   

thanks!  :)


hello - some days again  ^^

A new request: is there a way to add frosted or milkglass transparency,
but only the background, not the fontcolor or thumbicons?

Like this ...

cheers - and happy New Year(s)!  :)

EDIT: I think, I write a new Request !  8)

Couldnt there be a second version that enables you to simply change the colour of your taskbar.  I would like to change mine without using windows styles, but I wouldnt want it changing all the time!


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