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DONE - IDEA: make the taskbar shift through a range of colors gradually

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maybe give it options to choose which range of colors and how long to go from one color to the next. is it possible without overloading the cpu too much? :(

well, i did encourage you guys to post useless program requests didn't i...
but let's aim for programs that wont be used to turn humans into robotic killing machines, as i'm afraid some of turtleboy's requests might..

 :) Just thought I'd see if I could make it work!

ColorTaskbar - Makes the taskbar gradually shift through a range of colors.

- Just a fun tool!
- Makes the buttons work like on a Mac - you have to hit the parts with color!

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.


 :-\ But why not scroll images in there, too? Or on any other window, for that matter? There's plenty of skinning apps, but are there any live ones?

I'll be back!


thanks skrommel. i realize that during the coding snacks request for ideas i may have gotten carried away, but i thought you guys might want a few wierd ideas that sound like fun things (at least to me  ;) ). anyway, i meant no offense to anyone for the requests. i respect your abilities to code these "snacks". I appreciate this. what do i need to donate and where?


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