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Does PT work with Win 7 64-bit?

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As stated, I am currently planning to move to Win 7 64-bit. But, Process Tamer is one of my most important utilities, so I want to make sure it works before I make the move.

Please inform.

54 people viewed this thread, and no one knows?
If you see this thread and are running Win 7 64-bit, please inform us whether it works or not.

Just tested it, and Process Tamer works perfectly on Windows 7 64bit (and any other edition).

Ok, great... thanks. Installing Win 7 now.

Ok, installed Win 7 64-bit and Process Tamer and it works  :-*

yes it work good with Process Tamer

Does it work with both 32-bit processes and 64-bit processes, or only one of those? I'd totally expect 32-bit to work - the question if PT works as expected for both architectures.


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