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What books are you reading?

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Catherine Fisher's Chronoptika Quartet; YA time-travel.  Vivid, energetic, engrossing, bleak.  None of the main characters are really sympathetic, but you understand what drives them.
Catherine Fisher writes: I have always thought the idea of Time Travel fascinating, full of paradox and speculation and opportunities for adventure.

If you had the power to change previous events to bring back someone that you loved, would you do it, even if it changed the world? In Venn I wanted to invent a man so deep in guilt that he has lost the ability to care about anyone else.

Into this dilemma I wanted to mix all the old folklore: the wintry isolated house, the dark wood, the beautiful, deadly Shee and their ageless, changeless land; the eccentric inventor, the opium dens and alleys of Victorian London.

I wanted a story full of variety and mystery. And above all, enjoyment.
--- End quote ---

I am still working through Clifford D. Simak.  Currently Earth for Inspiration, one of a series of collections of his short works.

Principles of Economics by Mankiw

Each page makes sense, but when I close the book and look around I still find it hard to understand how anyone is making any money.

I am still devouring the novels of Clifford D. Simak.  It seems with the digital books they are playing the "region game" they play with DVDs.  Novels like Cosmic Engineers can be purchased in Australia but not in the USA.  Really annoying.  This is forcing me prematurely into the short stories.  Bummer!

Thunderhead by Keith Laumer

To navigate the page; scroll 'up' to upper right corner gives Back, Next, and Table of Contents; scroll 'down' to lower right corner gives Back, Next, and Framed (which I got lost clicking on and had to click on browser 'back' to get back where I knew where I was). The story consists of 35 one-page 'chapters'. 


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