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DelEmpty - Bug(s) and Feature Request



Being a Win32/C(++)-coder myself, I just DLed DelEmpty to spare myself the hassle of recursing directories and counting files and finally get a similar piece of software done. However, DelEmpty has a tiny flaw: It checkmarks inaccessible folders (such as C:\System Volume Information and probably others) as "empty". Trying to delete such will probably fail anyhow and doesn't do much harm - but it confuses the user. Re-sorting the listbox by the "Delete"-column (checked or unchecked first) after having sorted by any other column doesn't work.

As a feature, I'd really like to see a command line/batch mode (delempty /? will just close the existing instance and spawn a new one w/o showing any command line options). Ontop, selecting multiple entries in the listbox and (un)checking all of them doesn't work - neither using a right-click context option nor (un)checking the first one of the selected entries.

HTH and many greetings,


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