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At last: MP3 Lossless!!!

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I think Deo meant his statement for defiant91 who had asked for opinions on the GUI he designed for this MP3HD product but didn't provide a screenshot.  I couldn't find one on the Thomson website, either.  defiant91, if you want some opinions, perhaps you can post a screenshot or two here?  Or, if anybody has installed it (I have no plans to), maybe they can post some screenies.

OMG, MP3 lossless. There is WavPack, there is FLAC  :-* and there is Monkey's Audio. MP3 is for instant, mobile playing, not for archiving. (And the MP3 codec is still not license-free.)

I wonder when there will be "Ogg Vorbis HD" ...

This sounds like what mp3PRO failed to do.

Keeping fingers crossed there.

This sounds like what mp3PRO failed to do.
-Xenonym (November 12, 2009, 03:04 AM)
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While on the surface it may seem like they are similar in their goals they really aren't. MP3Pro was all about providing better sounding audio at lower bit-rates, but it was always still lossy. MP3HD is trying to implement lossless as part of the MP3 standard while the core MP3 technology is the same as it always has been.

They've got a tough row to hoe if they are going to overtake FLAC as the lossless standard.

FLAC is an open, license-free format, MP3 is not. Unless they'll change that, they'll fail.


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