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McAfee Online Backup - New Web Service

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Carol Haynes:
If it's a serious company, it's a given that they should have a backup system in place in case these kind of things happen. Since you can't really tell, as everyone says they backup their users data, and when shit happens, it turns out they don't, you're pretty much f***** up.
-Lashiec (November 22, 2009, 10:42 AM)
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Like the recent near miss with T-Mobile/Sidekick - which was of course powered by Microsoft!

What are your upload speeds?-Carol Haynes (November 22, 2009, 03:37 AM)
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It's an enormous and relatively stable 548kbs. I'm about to change ISPs but BT wants to force me to go with them. So a few more phone calls will be in order.

McAfee seems to have a few problems with their uploader, at least on Win7. (temporary and manually) suspend function doesn't work, so either cancel or leave it running and be content with the low browsing speed. Temporary suspend via CPU usage doesn't do a thing either, I set it down to 10% but it just keeps running.

This is of course my secondary backup but I find myself rather often in the situation that I need some files and there's a computer but it isn't my one, So the idea was to have access to that stuff from almost everywhere. That might have to do with my being very well disorganised but that's not going to change.


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